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Wholeness, Equity, Liberatory Leadership (WELL)

The Wholeness, Equity, Liberatory Leadership (WELL) initiative at Wildflower Schools supports Teacher Leaders, Partners and Schools across the Wildflower community in learning about and living into Wildflower’s values, norms, principles, and ways of working while developing the critical consciousness in relation to themselves, each other and our Wildflower community.

Here are a few examples of WELL offerings to Teacher Leaders, schools and partners within the Wildflower Schools community:

  • Affinity Spaces

  • Restorative Justice Spaces

  • (Anti-Bias, Anti-Racist) ABAR Toolkits

  • Liberatory Storytelling Training

Featured WELL Events

The Rose School, New York, NY​

Koren Clark leader of the Wildflower Schools WELL Circle visits The Rose School, a Wildflower School in New York, NY for liberatory storytelling practice.

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The Wildflower Gathering

Koren Clark, leader of the Wildflower WELL Circle, led the collective Gathering of Wildflower Teacher Leaders and Partners in Boston, MA on an important journey and exercise in anti-bias and anti-racist practices.

people talkiing

Roxbury Roots Montessori, ​Boston, MA

Koren Clark leader of the Wildflower Schools WELL Circle visits Roxbury Roots Montessori, a Wildflower School in Boston, MA for liberatory storytelling practice. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible for WELL support?​

Current affiliated Teacher Leaders, Schools, Partners and Emerging Teacher Leaders actively in the School Start-up Journey are eligible for WELL Support.

How do I request support through WELL?

For all those eligible (as listed above), we encourage you to write to your Wildflower schools contact or Wildflower schools support to request support through WELL.

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