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For Educators 

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Wildflower Blooms Cohort 2024 

We are excited to announce that, beginning on April 27, 2024, the Wildflower Foundation will launch its first national cohort to support a group of teams from across the United States in starting up Wildflower Schools that will open in the fall of 2025. We welcome all school funding models to apply. Read below to learn more about the School Start Up Journey (SSJ) Cohort and how to join. 

Facilitation & Timeline:

Wildflower Blooms Cohort facilitators, Brandon Royce-Diop and Maya Warsame, are experienced coaches with a diverse set of experience supporting Emerging Teacher Leaders through the Wildflower SSJ. Facilitators will lead Cohort participants in monthly webinars that correspond with the Wildflower School Start Up Journey process (outlined below) and provide ongoing coaching through their first year of startup.

Join the Cohort

  1.  Complete an Interest Form (10-20 min): Complete the Start a School form. 

  2.  Conversation with Wildflower Partner (~1 hour): A Wildflower Partner will connect with you to schedule a meeting to discuss your unique vision and timeline

  3. Discovery & Self-Assessment (~3 hours): After submitting the Start a School form, you will receive an email with a link to “Discovery.” Discovery is how you learn the basics about the Wildflower model and decide if it aligns with what you envision for your school. Please also complete the accompanying self-assessment and share it to

  4. One-to-one meeting with cohort facilitators (~1 hour): Wildflower Blooms Cohort facilitators will reach out via email to schedule a one-to-one meeting to discuss your Discovery album and next steps

Wildflower Teacher Leaders are visionary, self-reflective, equity-focused, and collaborative individuals who aspire to design schools that reflect their values and community needs. If this resonates with you and you want to dive in, complete our Start a School form below to begin the process. If you'd simply like to stay in touch, please Subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of the page. 

Can I start the School Startup Journey if I'm not Montessori trained?

Wildflower schools are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality Montessori education. Thus, having Montessori training and experience is crucial for this endeavor. If you're not a Montessori teacher but wish to bring a Wildflower School to your community, consider these steps:

  • Complete Montessori training.

  • Complete Montessori training in parallel with starting a school.

Please know there may be ways to receive funding to help cover costs of your Montessori training. These can include working in a school that will sponsor you, funding it through the Wildflower School Start-up Journey if funding is available, or through programs such as the Black Wildflowers Fund. Visit Get Montessori Trained page for more information.


We encourage any educators interested in starting a Wildflower School and is or would like to become Montessori trained, to complete the start a school survey below to learn more.

How do I know if becoming a Wildflower Teacher Leader is for me?

​Do you have or would like to have a solid grounding in Montessori theory and classroom practices?


Are you proficient in finance, marketing, working with parents, and admissions? If not, are you prepared to develop these skills with Wildflower's support?


Have you explored your racial/ethnic identity and how to create a diverse, inclusive school community?


Do you have the skills and willingness to lead a school with an equal Teacher Leader partner?


Are you comfortable with the non-hierarchical framework of the organization?


Are you open to discussing feelings, resolving tensions, and bringing your authentic self to a professional setting?


If your answer to these questions are yes, we encourage you to begin the process by completing the Start a School form below.

More questions about Starting a Wildflower School?

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