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Our Ways of Working

Our values and norms lead us to ways of working that are at once collaborative and independent. Each of us has substantial freedom, and there are limits to our freedom shaped by the freedoms of others. At the heart of our approach to self-management is the idea that decisions get made in the process of doing work, by the person doing the work, without the need for ratification by others. Four systems and processes allow us to work in this way: The Roles and Responsibilities Process, The Advice Process, The Conflict Resolution Process, and Radical Transparency.

The Roles and Responsibilities Process

Organize bodies of work into hierarchies of scope, defining roles with specific purposes and accountabilities, ensuring transparency and evolution. Connect organized bodies of work flexibly to the Partners and Teacher Leaders who carry out the work.

The Advice Process

The Advice Process in the Wildflower ecosystem empowers partners and Teacher Leaders to make informed decisions that impact others. It involves seeking advice from stakeholders, clarifying decision-making authority, and considering objections before finalizing a decision. The process emphasizes transparency, encouraging input from stakeholders to ensure decisions align with the collective purpose and fostering conflict resolution if necessary.

The Conflict Resolution Process

The Conflict Resolution Process within Wildflower emphasizes direct compassionate conversations to address tensions and seek solutions. If needed, it progresses through stages involving peer or professional facilitation and, in some cases, a Conflict-Resolution Panel to ensure respectful engagement and mutual agreement seeking.

Radical Transparency

Make information freely accessible and easy to understand in support of self-organization, self-management, self-development, and self-care.

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