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What We Do

The heart of Wildflower is the work our children, families, and Teacher Leaders do every day to support children’s growth and development. Everything else we do is to support that work happening across Wildflower schools and that will be happening in future schools.


Supporting schools is a community-wide effort. Teacher Leaders support each other directly in small multi-school Teacher Leader groups and through serving on the governing boards of other Wildflower schools. They play important roles in advising, mentoring, and coaching Teacher Leaders as they progress through the School Startup Journey. They share their wisdom with each other, by sharing the tools they’ve created and responding to each other’s questions.

Caterpillar and Butterfly

 Support from The Wildflower Foundation

The Wildflower Foundation helps guide and support schools. The Foundation’s responsibilities include:
  • Inviting educators to explore the possibility of starting a Wildflower school

  • Supporting Emerging Teacher Leaders as they start schools by organizing the School Startup Journey, codifying available tools and resources, and directly providing or lining up people to help along the way

  • Raising and distributing startup capital to emerging schools

  • Supporting the network of teacher leaders at our schools

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