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Bring a Wildflower School
to Your community

For Community Members and Parents

From the founding of the very first Wildflower School in 2014, community members and parents have served key roles in the creation of Wildflower Schools in their neighborhoods. We encourage you to review the self-reflection questions below to gain a clearer perspective on if you would like to bring a Wildflower school to your community. 

What is the first step in starting a Wildflower school?

Teacher leadership is at the heart of Wildflower Schools. Identifying prospective Teacher Leaders is a key first step in starting a Wildflower school. We can help you find a teacher or a team of teachers who are passionate about leading the school. You yourself may also consider becoming a trained Montessori educator in order to be one of the Teacher Leaders.

Would you like to become a Wildflower Teacher Leader?

Becoming a trained Montessori educator and completing the Wildflower School Start-up Journey is a direct route to establishing a Wildflower school in your area. Some parents and community members choose this path as a calling, or to be valuable partners in school creation, or to enhance their parenting and role modeling skills for children and other adults.

What age group are you hoping to see served?

The age groups served by a Wildflower school depend on your vision and local needs. Your preferences will shape important decisions, including the qualifications of the Teacher Leaders required to start the school.

Are you interested in serving on the board of the school?

Having a board is a crucial step in the school's incorporation process, allowing access to funding and support. Typically, board members dedicate approximately 4-8 hours per month during steady-state operations, with more involvement during the school's initial stages.

Are you willing to donate resources and/or time to the opening of the school?

Your willingness to donate resources, time, and connections is vital for the successful launch of a Wildflower school. A clear understanding of what you can provide in terms of resources, time, and connections will be helpful.

What should I do after reflecting on these questions?

If you'd like to dive in, complete our Get Involved form to begin the process. If you'd simply like to stay in touch, please Subscribe to our Newsletter at the bottom of the page. We're here to guide and support you as you embark on the journey of starting a Wildflower school in your community.

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