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Support for Open Schools

We believe in a Montessori-for-Adults approach to working together. We see the Wildflower Network as a prepared environment that supports Teacher Leaders in creating and running liberatory schools.

The Foundation’s main role in maintaining a prepared environment is nurturing and tending to Teacher Leaders’ connection to their peers for advice, help, and support.  Additionally, we offer direct support services, resources, tools/vendors, and crisis/emergency support.

Supports for Open Schools include:

Support from a community of Teacher Leaders 
  • MyWildflower platform to easily search for and connect to other Wildflowers via the people directory

  • Library of example resources used successfully at other Wildflower Schools (e.g., parent handbooks, admissions emails, lottery process) 

  • Small, collaborative communities of schools (pods) that foster connectedness and growth within the Wildflower network. Pod communities create a rich and inclusive environment for peer to peer learning, support and advice

Direct Support
  • <2 hour response time to questions big and small that come into the support email hotline

  • Multi-year budget creation and forecasting with a finance expert

  • On call HR support

  • Thought partnership during times of transition (e.g., moving to a new location, board changes, Teacher Leader changes)

Financial Tools and Resources
  • Ongoing identification of third-party grant and tax credit opportunities

  • Ongoing expert strategic planning, financial and budget advice and review​

Administrative Tools 
  • Free access to admissions and enrollment tools such as Transparent Classroom

  • Free and discounted access to administrative tools such as Google Suite and Gusto

  • Free access to insurance support tools through services such as Alliant

  • Vetted and recommended platforms, service providers; legally-reviewed template policies, contracts and handbooks, schedules, website template, marketing materials, and more

Pro-bono Real Estate Legal Support 
  • ​Including: lease renewal negotiations, new lease creation as needed, buildout negotiations with landlords, etc.

Ongoing Professional Development Support
  • Make and Take Series for guidance and completion of school calendars, re-enrollment, summer programming, marketing support, website updates, and more

  • Free or sponsored access to ongoing trainings such as Wholeness, Equity, and Liberatory Leadership, Wildflower Refresher courses, and more

Wildflower Gatherings
  • In person and virtual Wildflower Schools Teacher Leader professional development conferences

  • Opportunities to connect, share, learn and grow together on a particular topic of interest


What Wildflower Teacher Leaders have to say about being a part of Wildflower Schools

"Wildflower is an organization that values, respect and accompany you in every step of the way. You'll never feel alone even when you're far from them. They live the Montessori philosophy."

"The values, norms, and principles of WF are what education needs today. The level of guidance and expertise that we receive from WF is phenomenal."

"I have found a lot of support from my hub and pod. We support one another through sharing experiences and My partner and I have a very strong working relationship made better by our work with a communications coach. The foundation has helped us not only through funding but mainly through the resources made available at the front end of our journey. Our relationships with other teacher leaders has also been a bright light for us."

"I have gotten an incredible amount of support along the way and I am excited for other Wildflower schools to open in my area."

"As a teacher I have found that the people in the organization is always willing to help in order to be successful"

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