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Who We Are

Wildflower is a community of teacher-led, neighborhood-nested Montessori microschools that give children and families the opportunity to choose beautiful, developmentally appropriate learning environments as they follow life's unfolding journey.

Wildflower schools offer authentic Montessori learning environments in mixed age groups. Many schools are a single “classroom” and serve children across one of the traditional Montessori age ranges. Some schools serve more than one adjacent age level, generally in separate classrooms.

Students doing Montessori work with Teacher Leader
people sharing

The Wildflower Foundation supports Wildflower schools and Wildflower people.

The Wildflower Foundation helps guide and support schools. It raises and distributes startup capital to emerging schools, provides resources, tools, coaching, and community through the School Startup Journey, and provides ongoing professional development and connection opportunities for member schools. 

We are a community tied together by our commitment to a shared purpose, values of Growth and Connectedness, and doing our work with attention to Awareness and Compassion, Autonomy with Support, Unity and Anti-Racism.

Visit Our Beliefs page to learn more.

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