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Start a Wildflower Charter School

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Wildflower Schools is launching its next Charter Entrepreneurs Cohort this fall! Whether you have just begun exploring the idea or have been dreaming of starting a public Wildflower school for years, the cohort will provide a roadmap and community as you develop your school and submit a charter application.

To learn more about the key resources, support, and expectations of the Charter Entrepreneurs Cohort and the Charter Pathway at Wildflower, we invite you to take the following next steps:  


  1. Join us for one of the upcoming Information Sessions on August 1 at either 12PM EST or 6PM EST. This is optional but highly encouraged. 

  2. Sign up for a required conversation to join our cohort. 

  3. Complete the Cohort pre-work and submit a registration form by September 1. This will be shared following the conversation with our team.

At Wildflower Schools, we're committed to fostering a unique and empowering educational experience that takes shape through community-driven, small-scale, and decentralized schools. Whether you're a passionate educator, a dedicated community member, a caring parent, or a forward-thinking property owner, we invite you to explore how you can play a vital role in shaping the future of education. Join us on this journey to create innovative, learner-centered environments that inspire, engage, and empower young minds. Your involvement can be the catalyst for a transformative educational experience that benefits not only your community but also the broader educational landscape. 


For Educators

Community Members

For Community Members

Property Owners

For Property Owners
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