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Wildflower Membership Benefits and Commitments 


Guiding Philosophy

We embrace a Montessori-for-Adults approach. The Wildflower Foundation's primary responsibility is to foster a nurturing environment for Teacher Leaders, facilitating peer-to-peer connection, providing support services, resources, and tools, and assisting during crisis.  

Membership Benefits


Network Environment

We create and nurture a rich and inclusive environment for peer-to-peer learning, support, advice, and help.


Examples include in-person gatherings, annual virtual refreshers, monthly professional development offerings, maintaining and improving knowledge management systems and listservs, restorative justice circles, and affinity spaces. 

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Marketing & Brand Identity

We have national recognition that can make it easier for schools to attract families and staff and when applying for grants and other funding opportunities.


Examples include logos and watercolor images, branded marketing assets & templates, presence at national events and news outlets, and purchasing school domain names. 


Direct Support

We provide direct national support when needed, particularly for one-time school-specific needs or when a school is facing a particular challenge.  

Examples include thought-partnership through transitions, direct finance & budget support, and answering questions through support@. 

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Tools & Resources, including Funding Opportunities

We provide tools & resources that apply to all schools, regardless of governace model.  

Examples include access to national grants, ongoing loan opportunities; professional development opportunities; tools customized for and paid by The Wildflower Foundation (e.g. Transparent Classroom, QuickBooks Online, Google Suite, domain registration and maintenance);  discounted relationships with business insurance, HR, and pro bono real estate attorneys; templates for website, handbooks, etc.


Crisis Support

We provide ongoing follow-up and support to Teacher Leaders and Boards when the school is facing a self-defined crisis.  

Examples include HR crisis, licensure, facilities, and financial issues, leadership transition, world-wide crisis (e.g. COVID-19).

Membership Commitments & Costs

Understanding & Living out Wildflower's Purpose

Teacher Leaders affirm that their own beliefs align with Wildflower's, and that the school they lead will be an expression of Wildflower's purpose. 

Examples: using self-management practices (e.g advice, roles & responsibilities, and conflict resolution processes) to run the school and participate in the network; committing to the ongoing work of an anti-biased, anti-racist educator.

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Community Connections

Teacher Leaders are the heart of our community, shaping Wildflower's culture and reputation. They play a vital role in nurturing our wisdom and guiding others. 

Examples: serve on the startup journey advice panel for emerging schools and/or on another Wildflower school's board, offer advice and perspective to other across the network, participate in Wildflower gatherings.

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Legal Compliance & Branding Guidelines

Remain in good standing with legal agreements made with Wildflower and remain in compliance with federal and local government regulations. Use Wildflower branding in ways that align with branding guidelines.


Membership Fee

Schools contribute to covering the shared costs of operating the network at a rate of 4% of annual school revenue.

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