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Virtual Event:
Teacher Leader Stories

Are you interested in learning more about what it means to open a community-embedded, micro Montessori school? Do you want to hear directly from current Teacher Leaders what their experiences were like? Teacher Leader Stories is held throughout the year to create this space. Here are some questions commonly covered during TL Stories events:

  • When did you start dreaming about your school, and why did you partner with Wildflower? What makes your experience and or your school unique? 

  • During your Startup Journey, what was a challenge you faced and overcame?

  • Frequently asked questions such as finding a Teacher Leader partner, identifying your facility, and student recruitment. 

Upcoming Event

TL Stories 2023-24_March.png

Join us for an inspiring evening on March 21 as we celebrate and learn from the stories of Teacher Leaders Kameeka Shirley and Carmen Montopoli. Read on to get to know their schools, both of which serve elementary-level students. 


Hyacinth Montessori was founded by Madeleine Nutting and Carmen Montopoli, two career educators who are passionate about bringing Montessori Elementary to the West Philadelphia community. They started the program with an intentional focus on access for children in the neighborhood and across the city and the belief in the unique potential of each child. 


Founded by Kameeka Shirley and LaTania Scott and located in Dade City, Florida, Blazing Stars Montessori is a learning community grounded in culturally sustaining pedagogy that lays the foundation for children to author their own journeys in life. Blazing Stars serves children ages 3-10 years and creates a Montessori environment of joy, empowerment, humanity, interconnectedness, and healing. 

Teacher Leader Stories Highlights 

"This is a journey. You will learn about yourself a lot more than you thought you ever would - your limits as well as your breakthroughs." 

Lixue Tu

Wisteria Montessori

Haverhill, MA

"We committed to not chasing families. Your school will connect with those it needs to connect with, and you have to trust that connection."

Sara Gensic 

Alyssum Montessori

Fort Wayne, IN

"Figure out your 'why' and share that with the families in detail. This was very important for us because we had to market our school without yet having a campus. Like-minded families became a part of our community."

Alejandra Tryon

 The Dahlia School of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA

"Thank you so much for hosting this Wildflower Teacher Leader stories event. I walked away way more knowledgeable, excited, and grateful to meet such grounded Montessorians doing the work. It also gave me a much clearer understanding of the process to making Wildflower schools become reality." 

September, 2023 

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