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Our Grief

We hold the Uvalde community in our hearts as we mourn the devastating loss of 19 children and 2 teachers – so soon after 10 people in Buffalo were viciously gunned down in an act of racial terror, another person was killed in a house of worship, and after so many others have died due to gun violence. The seemingly endless mourning can feel overwhelming. We stay standing, not only for our children, but ultimately for our shared humanity. Standing, holding space, taking action, and mourning may look different for each of us. We share the following resources in community, in grief, in hope and in active work toward a better future.

  • From the National Association of School Psychologists, Talking with children about school violence

  • Don’t Forget the Adults: How Schools and Districts Can Support Educator Mental Health

  • From @Liberated_SEL, After a School Shooting and Processing the Violence in Buffalo With Students

  • Helping Children with Tragic Events in the News, Fred Rogers Productions/PBS Kids


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