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DC Wildflower Public Charter School Secures Full Approval!

On April 18, the DC Public Charter School Board voted unanimously to fully approve the 15-year charter agreement of the DC Wildflower Public Charter School (DCWPCS). This full charter approval vote will enable the Founding DC Wildflower Board and Staff to transition from planning to implementation as they prepare to open their first site, The Riverseed School.

DCWPCS Executive Director Rachel Kimboko, Founding Teacher Leaders Ebony Marshman and Zani Dalili-Ortique and Board Chair Neil Campbell thanked the Public Charter School Board for their feedback throughout their application and approval process. Both Zani and Ebony are Ward 7 residents, and Zani expressed her excitement to continue their journey:

As a Ward 7 resident, a career Montessori educator, and a parent of school-aged children, I am thrilled to continue my work in bringing joy, laughter, and learning to children and families–this time in my own community–using an approach that has been proven to build critical thinking, independence, a joy of learning and collaborative work skills.

The Riverseed School is prepared to open this fall in the Burrville neighborhood of Ward 7 in a beautiful converted residential home located on a large triple lot, including ample outdoor space for safe play and nature-based Montessori learning.

Over the past year, the team spent extensive time building community support and partnerships: They attended and held community meetings and playdates, volunteered, met their neighbors and created a network of supportive service providers for students. They also hired a student support partner and operations partner to complement the founding team in the first year of operation and as the charter grows.

The Riverseed School will be the first of up to six microschools, providing 225 students the opportunity for a free public Montessori education in beautiful, neighborhood-embedded, intimate learning environments.


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