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Celebrating Wildflower Seedlings 2021-22

Every year, a new group of Wildflower schools peeks through the soil for the first time. Each new school is the culmination of a lifetime of learning and dreaming for its founders; collectively, they are a remarkable and diverse group of educators with visions for a more beautiful world. In the following pages, you will read the stories of 16 Teacher Leaders whose skills, passions, and life experiences sparked the creation of beautiful, community-embedded Wildflower schools.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning about the inspiring concepts and unending dedication that teachers bring to the work of starting and operating their schools. This past year’s group includes Wildflower’s first schools in San Francisco and Philadelphia, the first Indigenous language reclamation school created in partnership with a tribal community, the first school linked to a Montessori teacher training program, and the first school set in a community-based special education services provider.

Together with those who came before them and shared their wisdom, they are now part of a growing network of Wildflower schools across the United States and Puerto Rico. Collectively, they represent beautiful examples of the hundreds of educators who are energizing a liberatory education movement in their own communities.


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