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Sunny Greenberg

Where do you live? Philadelphia

What experiences do you have in educational settings (Montessori or other)? I have spent my career as an educator teaching both internationally and domestically in both public and private schools. I was a high school English and interdisciplinary studies teacher.  I have developed mentoring programs for teachers new to the profession and served as a mentor for students earning their master’s in teaching. I also did DEI work for 15 years in my school partnering with students, teachers, and administrators on best practices.

What do you love about being an Operations Guide? I love watching teachers from the beginning of their journey to doors open and seeing how their vision evolves along the way.  The learning for the teachers and myself is inspiring.

What is your favorite Montessori material and why: I love the wooden shape sorter for teaching the parts of speech and the sandpaper letters also.  The multi-sensory approach to teaching language arts is brilliant and allows children many ways into their learning so that learning letters and the parts of speech becomes more intuitive and not rote.

Fun fact: I started my teaching career in Bucaramanga, Colombia as an ESL teacher.

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