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Sara Hernandez

Where do you live? Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

What experiences do you have in educational settings (Montessori or other)?

I am a Puerto Rican AMI Primary Montessori teacher, coach, facilitator, and educational consultant supporting Wildflower School's growth in Puerto Rico since 2017, through multiple financial models that include alliances with municipalities, homes for women victims of domestic violence, and foster homes. I have over 15 years of experience teaching and directing in private nonprofit and public Montessori schools. Before joining Wildflower, I served as a facilitator, supervising teacher, and counselor for students during their internships in PR private and public schools.

What do you love about being an Operations Guide?

I am fascinated to see how the ideas of ​​Teacher Leaders become a reality while adjusting and evolving their school concept based on the needs of the community and families they serve.

What drew you to Wildflower?

What drew me to Wildflower was the opportunity to support Montessori guides as social entrepreneurs. Wildflower elevates the role of the guide, respects their knowledge, and gives it the importance and weight it deserves, while also supporting them in any areas of development they ask for.

What is your favorite Montessori material and why:

I love the movable alphabet because, at some point, working with it, children realize they know how to read. That moment is magical!

Fun fact: I love mountain biking, the adrenaline and the risk that the sport entails is totally opposite to the pace I live as a Montessori guide.

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