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Jeana Olszewski

Where do you live? Cincinnati, Ohio - Shawnee and Myaamia lands

What experiences do you have in educational settings (Montessori or other)? I have taught in public and private Montessori Schools in both primary and lower elementary classrooms. I have served as a Montessori Curriculum Coordinator and Supervising Teacher for interns through Xavier University.

What do you love about being an Operations Guide? I love learning about folks and hearing their history – what has happened in their journey to bring them to Wildflower and what inspires their vision for a Wildflower School. The energy and passion of ETL’s is inspiring and energizes my own work as a Teacher Leader at Azalea Montessori.

What drew you to Wildflower? I was drawn to the nine principles as well as the  non-hierarchy community whose mission is to support the work of ETL’s and the growth of schools. To be mission aligned with such a strong group of folks felt like I had found my place and my people.

What is your favorite Montessori material and why: The Stamp Game.  It can be used in both primary and elementary classrooms, you can do so much with this material! It ranges from simple addition to three digit division. I love materials that start out so concrete and move to more complex lessons.

Fun fact: I have four children and I had them in four years!

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