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Wildflower Schools, Massachusetts

Wildflower began as an idea launched out of the MIT Media lab as a partnership between parents and teachers who envisioned a new, community-centric educational model. Today, Wildflower has become a national movement of schools all across the country.

In Massachusetts, Wildflower is strategically growing a hub — a regional cluster of schools that are opened or in the process of opening. Our goal is to create schools that are representative of the communities in which they are located, as we work toward a liberated future for all children.

We believe in the power of teachers to create intentionally diverse, small, neighborhood-nested Montessori schools where children and families thrive.

With this understanding rooting our purpose, we support teachers with the resources, skill-building, and community they need to design and lead Wildflower Montessori schools. We are seeking educators with a deep commitment to creating and joining schools that are anti-racist and center Black, Indigenous, and People of Color as  identity-affirming, joyful, and truly liberatory learning environments.

Our Schools

Allium Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Dandelion Montessori

Somerville, MA

Marigold Montessori

Haverhill, MA

Roxbury Roots Montessori

Roxbury, MA

Snowdrop Montessori

Haverhill, MA

Wildflower Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Aster Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Jun Zi Lan Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Miramelinda Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Sage Montessori School

Hyannis, MA

Violeta Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Wisteria Montessori

Haverhill, MA

Capucine Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Lotus Montessori Academy

Quincy, MA

Mukayuhsak Weekuw (The Children’s House) at Weetumuw School

Mashpee, MA

Snapdragon Montessori School

Cambridge, MA

Wild Rose Montessori

Cambridge, MA

Open a School

Wildflower Schools are small (1-2 classroom), community-embedded, teacher-led, intentionally racially and socioeconomically diverse Montessori Schools. We are committed to providing each child and family what they need for a liberatory education, finding their purpose and fulfilling their potential. Because of our nimble model, we are able to operate in response to and in partnership with community interest as public or independent schools.

Help Us Grow

With your partnership, Wildflower will catalyze the growth of a self-sustaining ecosystem of schools in Massachusetts by engaging and funding training for more Teachers of Color, supporting more teacher entrepreneurs in opening new schools, and ultimately helping more families access affordable, high quality, culturally-affirming education in their own communities. Your commitment will also support current schools that have grown so tenaciously during the challenging years of COVID as they establish strong and stable roots.

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