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Eileen Fell

Clover Montessori

Ten years ago Eileen moved away from her background in fine arts and took a job as an assistant in a Montessori early childhood classroom. This transformative experience led to her researching and falling in love with the Montessori method. She completed her Early Childhood Montessori certification through the Center for Guided Montessori Studies (CGMS) in 2016. Working as a co-teacher in a Philadelphia Montessori school allowed her to put into practice the child-centered approach that Maria Montessori advocated for. Eileen is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to Clover Montessori School where she will continue to help each child reach their full potential. Eileen is also a certified Positive Discipline Parent coach as well as a Montessori parent, to an independent and curious 7 year old.

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