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Wildflower Schools, Colorado

We are committed to the liberation of every human being, every community, and the human spirit, so that we may all live in harmony with our individual purpose and the world around us, free from oppression and able to follow life’s unfolding journey.


We believe that the Montessori pedagogy is a tool for racial justice and liberation. And we trust in the power of small, community-embedded schools, owned and operated by people responsive to the communities in which they exist.

With this understanding rooting our purpose, Colorado Wildflower Schools exists to support the development of Montessori teacher leaders to design educational spaces that facilitate the intentional awakening of consciousness, and work in service of social change and transformation.


Join the Wildflower community as we work toward a liberated future for children in Colorado.


Our Schools

New Jersey

Meadow Rue Montessori

Aurora, CO


Mountain Juniper Montessori

Aurora, CO


Cactus Bloom Community School

Grand Valley, CO


Flame Lily Montessori

Aurora, CO


Echinacea Montessori

Denver, CO

Open a School

Wildflower Colorado is seeking educators with a deep commitment to creating and partnering with schools that are anti-racist and center Black, Indigenous, and People of Color as identity-affirming, joyful, and truly liberatory learning environments. 

We believe achieving equity in education is possible when schools are led and operated by people representative of the communities from which they emerge. As a result, Wildflower Schools are inherent extensions of their communities and are deeply influenced by the Teacher Leaders’ identities. As head of a Wildflower School, you and a partner (co-head of school) will lead all aspects of a one-room school that serves 20-30 children- from coordinating startup to teaching in the classroom and managing day-to-day operations- drawing on tools and resources from The Wildflower Foundation and the support of a network of like-minded colleagues. 

In Colorado, emerging teacher leaders have the ability to open an independent program, or a site within the Wildflower Montessori Public Schools of Colorado


Are You Interested in Opening an Infant-Toddler, Primary,  Elementary, or Adolescent program?

Help Us Grow

It takes a supportive ecosystem of individuals like you to enable a whole field of wildflowers to grow. Help Wildflower support more entrepreneurial teacher-leaders, children and families, one small school at a time. Your gift nurtures beautiful, child-centered learning environments — schools that provide a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity to a diverse mix of families.

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